Scholarship from the Fondo de Patrocinio Promega Biotech Ibérica S.L for young researchers.


3rd best oral presentation, 
PhD category at the 10th Conference of the European Ornithologists' Union (EOU 2015) held in Badajoz (Spain) from 24 to 28 August, with the communication: Effects of landscape and mosquito community on malaria prevalence in wild house sparrows. Ferraguti M, J Martinez de la Puente, Roiz D, Ruiz S, Soriguer R, J. Figuerola.


Best scientific paper PhD category, under the Severo Ochoa Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC) program with article: Ferraguti M. Martinez de la Puente J, J Muñoz, Roiz D, Ruiz S, Soriguer R, Figuerola J (2013) Avian Plasmodium in Culex mosquitoes and Ochlerotatus from southern Spain: effects of season and host-parasite dynamics on feeding source. PloS One 8: e66237.


18/11/2012 - 21/11/2012
Accesit award in the “Certamen Universitario Arquímedes de Introducción a la Investigación Científica” for the work Avian Plasmodium in Culex and Ochlerotatus mosquitoes from southern Spain: effects of season and host-feeding source on parasite dynamics, organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Promoters: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), Astrazeneca Foundation, Repsol Foundation.